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Diaper Bag Reviews: Top 10 Cool, Modern Diaper Bags

November 13, 2020

If you’re a modern mom on the go, then your diaper bag should reflect your personality and style. I’ve combed through a number of different makers of diaper bags and come up with a list of the best diaper bags that don’t scream “diaper bag.” The price point is between $75 and $400 – a [...]

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Badass Baby Gear: Ed Hardy Diaper Bags

July 29, 2021

Who knew tough guy tattoo artist Ed Hardy had a soft side? Designer Christian Audigier, who had previously been the head designer at Von Dutch (yes, of the ubiquitous trucker caps) is behind the new designs and they are typically badass, or at least as badass as a pink diaper bag could be. The Ed [...]

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