Etsy Therapy: Beautiful Handmade Vases

June 24, 2021

Once again, we’re back from a whirlwind Etsy window-shopping adventure, having gone on a quest to save you time and energy while indulging our obsession for all things handmade. We’ve rounded up some gorgeous handmade (or at least hand-decorated) vases for your fresh-cut floral pleasure. Behold! First, Old New Again presents a set of Mason [...]

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Sensory Color Sorting Play Set

May 30, 2021

As a homeschooling mom, I love Etsy. O.k, in all honesty I would love Etsy even if I had no children at all. It is just a really cool source for almost anything. This color sorting play set is the kind of really cool thing I am talking about. This appeals to the eyes as [...]

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Etsy Therapy: Cool Handmade Wall Art

May 17, 2021

Cool wall art isn’t hard to find, but when it comes to cool handmade wall art, it can take a little while to find just the right thing. We’ve taken a bit of the guesswork away by perusing the handmade items available on Etsy to curate the cutest handcrafted wall decor we could find to [...]

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Etsy Therapy: Cute Cute Clocks

May 14, 2021

If we could turn back time, there might be a few things we’d do differently, but since that sort of thing is really quite impossible, we may as well enjoy the here and now. For lots of us, that means delighting in all the beauty of the world around us — a pastime made even [...]

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5 Fantastic Etsy Finds for Baby Girls

April 10, 2021

Oh Etsy how I love thee… It is my go-to spot for handmade and vintage anything. I love that at the stroke of a key, I can find something with a unique and personal touch. I only wish I were so crafty. When it comes to our little bundles of joy and those of our [...]

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Etsy Therapy: Perfect Pillows

April 1, 2021

It’s an interesting phenomenon: after spending a bit of time on Etsy, even when we don’t buy anything and walk away from our “shopping expedition” empty-handed, we still feel the euphoric rush — and then the satisfied afterglow — of going on a shopping spree. The upside of that is, it’s free therapy and a [...]

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Sophie Blackall Books and Prints

October 13, 2020

Whoa. I just spent the last 30 minutes adoring Sophie Blackall’s book Missed Connections: Love, Lost and Found on You know the ‘look inside’ button? Well I perused just like I was in a bookstore. Amazon - you are diabolical. But it worked! Now I’m agog over this book. It’s a compilation of chosen [...]

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Elephants in Prints and Books

February 15, 2021

I just love to hate Etsy. I am forever getting lost among the myriad offerings and forget why I’ve gone there in the first place. I just found these adorable elephant prints and cards. Don’t they just make you smile? But, I didn’t go there to find them, in fact, I now have no idea [...]

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Jewelry That Keeps Baby Close By

September 16, 2020

These keepsake necklaces are both touching and lovely. It could be simply a cool silver pendant but it really is your baby’s fingerprint. Or the first letter of her name. Or even a quote that warms your heart. Call me corny, but I love these. What appeals to me the most is their understated sentimentality [...]

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