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Playful Home: Creative Style Ideas for Living with Kids

Posted on May 11, 2021 by 1 Comment

Andrew Weaving’s new book Playful Home: Creative Style Ideas for Living with Kids is a blast of colorful fun, with many many ideas for incorporating your kid’s world into your world without actually stepping over their cast off toys. That’s not the kind of ‘incorporating’ I’m talking about.

The book, published by Rizzoli and out this month, is also not one of those fussy, ‘that looks nice but it’ll never work in my home’ type of picture books. Well, except maybe the photo with the slide that delivers you from one floor of the house to the lower floor’s playroom. That’s not gonna work for me. I’d venture to say that’s not gonna work for most people. Oh, but if it could.

Incidentally, that is my older daughter’s favorite page!

The book includes 12 case studies - homes that have been designed with kids in mind. Like the slide. That’s definitely a kid centric house. But, like I said, not everything is outta reach.

In looking through the book, I am inspired to add more color into my girl’s room. We just bought a house (yea, finally!) and while we haven’t closed yet, haven’t moved in yet, I found this book to be an amazing jumping off point to dreamland. I cannot wait to get my hands on that house and a few cans of paint. Watch out hubster, we’re gonna be painting!

Of particular brilliance is a custom made bunk bed/storage system that I’d kill to have in our house. It’s so simple. So useful. So beautiful. The ladder up the left of the unit doubles as a deep book shelf. Amazing!

There are portions that deal with outside play areas as well. Inspiring, too, but these projects seem a little over my head. It’s not like I can just slosh around a few buckets of paint and call it a day. Still, interesting idea factory.

But, saving the best for last…the end of the book has one of the best, all purpose, a little high- a little low-brow crafting ideas. It’s not a crafting book, though, so nothing is complicated or needs too much in the way of directions.

Take, for instance, the box aquarium. Here’s the their information page - see how little you actually need to know. Of course, here’s our attempt which is slightly less lovely.


Me and my DIY. Needs work, yes, but it’s still fun to play with my girls.

Also, I should mention, that my 2 year old keeps taking it off my bookshelf and putting it in her book bin. She has a little reading corner where she can ‘read’ her books and this is among her favorites. Seriously. I’m not exactly sure why.

For adults (he he) The Playful Home is great for thumbing through to get inspiration for having a house that is lived in without looking rumpled. You know that saying, ‘rode hard and put away wet’? I’m not certain but I think it has something to do with not properly taking care of a saddle, but oh how it fits so many scenarios (and sometimes people).

Some houses where children live look like that. But they don’t have to. Truth be told, though…I’d get this book for the fun projects in the back!

So, a big thanks from me to you, Rizzoli. Thanks for sending me the book so I could share it! You’re very thoughtful that way.

photo credit: Rizzoli for book cover; Modern Home Modern Baby for the rest

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Domino Is Coming Out of the Closet

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