Spring Dress-capades

April 24, 2021

I’m a self avowed jeans and tee girl. Seriously, almost every day I wear this. I cannot help myself; it’s an addiction. I know there must be a secret club out there to help us mommy uniform wearing bunch but I have yet to find it…maybe J. Crew or Madewell can sponsor us?!? Oooh, that’d [...]

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Home Gawking, J. Crew Style

January 18, 2021

Ahh, the one that got away. Gorgeous home, with a backyard. Simple, elegant, all done in neutrals with pops of color. Unfortunately, I’ve found it AFTER it’s been snapped up by some lucky buyer. Oh, and I don’t live in New York. Oh, AND, I don’t have $3.75 million. But still…it feels like the house [...]

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Trend Alert: White Watches

March 12, 2021

Just after - and I mean literally just after - I bought my beautiful black faced watch (with black band, though you can change the bands easily) from J. Crew, I found out in this month’s Glamour Magazine that WHITE watches are the new it accessory. White. Figures. White watches do, admittedly, look cool. (If [...]

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