Etsy Therapy: Pull It Together with Cute Jewelry Organizers

April 22, 2021

When you think about it, we’re lucky to live the sort of lives that allow us endless amounts of jewelry, even if it’s all costume plastic earrings and cereal necklaces made with care by the kids… there’s just something great about having infinite options for adornment. It turns into a point of stress, though, when [...]

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Trend Alert: White Watches

March 12, 2021

Just after - and I mean literally just after - I bought my beautiful black faced watch (with black band, though you can change the bands easily) from J. Crew, I found out in this month’s Glamour Magazine that WHITE watches are the new it accessory. White. Figures. White watches do, admittedly, look cool. (If [...]

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Jewelry Organizer On The Down Low

February 24, 2021

I found this DIY jewelry organizer on one of my favorite websites, DesignSponge, that I just love. My jewelry is a mess and I’ve all but given up on getting it organized. Since you can’t see it, I rationalize, what does it matter that it’s a mess? This “hidden” jewelry box is great, though. Organized. [...]

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Jewelry That Is A Little Offcenter

February 16, 2021

I just love Etsy! Sure, there is a lot to sift through, but sometimes you can find really interesting things. Like these necklaces by Stavroula - they are asymmetrical and can be worn either short or long. They are kind of simple yet interesting, too. Could jazz up a t-shirt without being too “done” if [...]

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Totally Cool, Unique Modern Jewelry

October 14, 2020

I became a fan of Jill Platner’s jewelry when my husband and I lived in New York a few years ago. We weren’t far from her store and absolutely everything in there just dazzled me. She’s a Parsons School of Design graduate (like me!) and has a great talent for making essentially wearable art. Her [...]

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Jewelry That Keeps Baby Close By

September 16, 2020

These keepsake necklaces are both touching and lovely. It could be simply a cool silver pendant but it really is your baby’s fingerprint. Or the first letter of her name. Or even a quote that warms your heart. Call me corny, but I love these. What appeals to me the most is their understated sentimentality [...]

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