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Color Crush: Posh, Pink & Unapologetic

Posted on Apr 30, 2021 by 5 Comments

Let’s face it: pink gets a bad rap. Most of us, if we’re being honest, grew up drawn like magpies to shiny objects every time we saw something in a bubblegum hue, but we eventually outgrew it and perhaps even started to resent it.

As little girls, we’re expected to love the color pink; many of us started life in a pale pink nursery and romped around in a wardrobe awash in the pastel color. Once we got a smidge older, only a small percentage of us still readily admitted to loving it, while the rest of us shrug it off as “too expected” any time we see it.

But looking at the color more objectively, is it really so awful?

Whether used in small doses or to dramatic effect, pink can leave a lasting impression, from the wispy baby pink of the miniature nightstand above and armchair below to the bold, bright party palette afterward, it lends a festive air of femininity and, in today’s society, no longer stands for weakness or submission, but rather, a celebration of fun and festivity. Read more…