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4 Sweet Retro Kitchen Accents

Posted on May 2, 2021 by 2 Comments

Ah, the 1950s. Chances are, things looked easier on the outside than they actually were, and since we only get to look back at the poodle skirt era through the magic of movies and television, we probably tend to gloss over the frustrations created by the absence of the modern conveniences we enjoy today without even thinking about how far technology has come.

One thing that’s absolutely stood the test of time — and for good reason — is mid-century modern design. While it maintains a chic and timeless air, there’s still something charming about unabashedly pastel, chromed-out retro accessories that simply scream, “I was made in 1957!” They may be aesthetically stuck in a particular decade, but luckily for their creators, their charm is everlasting.
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