Tales From a First Time Breastfeeder

by Kate on April 7, 2021

The first time around, breastfeeding didn’t work for me. Maybe it was the ill-formed chin my baby had or maybe it was the breast reduction I had. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough (spoken like a true guilt-ridden mom). Whatever it was, it didn’t work out for us.

That’s why, this second time around I’ve been thrilled and relieved that it’s working. Only, it’s not easy to learn how to do, especially when you have to actually go out into public and figure out how to feed a baby without completely exposing yourself, embarrassing yourself or those around you.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Picture this: I drive into the parking lot at Trader Joe’s with my long time friend and my two kids. We get all the way to the door of the store and the wee one starts howling. She’s hungry. OK, back to the car so I can sit down to nurse.

I drive a SUV - Toyota 4Runner - you know, the kind with the large “way back” as we call it. Since the 2 car seats take up the whole back seat; and, in the front seats, the steering wheel is in the way on the driver’s side while the passenger side is moved all the way up the glove box to fit the baby seat behind it (and nowhere near comfortable), I had the brilliant idea to get in the way back.

All 4 of us: two almost 40 year old women, a 2 year old and an infant. Why not? There is room.

So, in we climb. It’s cozy and fun. We’re laughing a bit (except for the screaming baby) and I find a handle. Convenient to pull closed the door, I think. I close it and start breast feeding.

That’s when my friend says, “how do open the door to get out?”

Uhhh. What?

Didn’t think of that. No biggie, she says, and when I’m finished she climbs over the back seat, over the car seats and into the driver’s side so she can open the door to get out to go around the back and open the way back door. No prob.

Did I mention how old us ladies are? But, since we met when we were 2 and have gotten into way more tricky situations than this together, it’s more funny than anything. Oh how we laugh.

Chuckling as we get back to the grocery cart, I hand her the baby, put the toddler in the cart and off we go. We’re giddy as we think about how ridiculous we must have looked - talking about other times we’ve gotten into tight spots…then she looks at me, face aghast and says, “look down.”

Yep - I’m shopping with my shirt up. Didn’t feel it, didn’t notice. But yes, my shirt is hiked up above my boobs, nursing bra out there in the open for every one to see. How I didn’t feel this I have no idea.

I was that woman! In Trader Joe’s, shopping in my bra.

Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that Trader Joe’s since.

photo credit: anna carol

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PureModLife April 7, 2021 at 2:38 pm

pretty sure that was the best nursing story i’ve ever heard! great post!

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