The Mommy Files: Do You Enjoy a Cheap Thrill

by stacie on February 21, 2021

I’ll admit it. Things aren’t as hot in this house as they were nearly a decade ago.

But with two kids, demanding careers, and bills, who can really blame us for spending more time sleeping in our bedroom than…well, you know.

And while we do try to enjoy date night once a week, we’ve even found ourselves slipping into the ever-predictable “dinner” date…that or we head to Home Depot. (I say this all as my husband walks by me scratching his belly…no joke. His timing couldn’t have been better.)

So this raises the question: how does one keep the sparks flying without expensive trips or elaborate dates?

Be Touchy Feel-y. Not in a  gross teenager sort of way. But in a “we’ve been married for a million years and it’s totally fine for us to hold hands in public” sort of way. When’s the last time you held your hubs hand when you were at the grocery store? Try it. You might be surprised.

Date Like You’re Single. I’m not normally a Cosmopolitan kind of gal because frankly, it’s all a little racy for me. But on their website, they’ve published 23 Ways to Keep Your Romance Alive, and it’s got some good ideas. I particularly like number 9, “play the dating game.” It’s fun to get out of the rut.

Create a Book of Appreciation. OK, so I totally stole this one from my newly married friend. But she’s keeping notes every day for one year…each day, she jots down one thing she appreciates about her husband. And she’s not allowed to repeat any! For their anniversary, she’s going to have the book bound. Hitched has come up with a similar idea in their article, 14 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive.

Finally, Use Your Grocery List to Keep the Romance Alive. I thought that was funny, too. But it’s exactly what Margaret over at Nanny Goats in Panties prescribes. Read it. You’ll laugh.

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  • Adventures In Babywearing

    My husband and I text and email a lot during the day, and I noticed he is starting to do and say things that he used to when we first started dating. Definite sparks flying!


  • Sonia’s Goodie Bags

    It’s the little things! We text each other the numbers 777777 to say I Love You. We’ve been together a long time, when pagers not cell phones is how you sent messages! So, we would just send the number 7 repeated to say I Love You and we still do it today!

  • Ruby T.

    I vote for more touchy-feely! :) But seriously, isn’t it nice when he unexpectedly rubs your neck, back, feet, etc.? Or you’re walking somewhere and suddenly feel his big warm hand take your in, and you feel all safe and loved? *sigh*

  • Silke

    It’s definitely tough keeping the romance alive once you’ve been married/living together for a while. I’ve been with my husband for 6 years now, married to him for the past 1 1/2 years and we have certainly fallen into a daily routine of getting up, going to work, texting a few times, coming home, making dinner, yada, yada, yada.
    I like to surprise him now and again, either by wearing sexy high heels and little else when he comes to bed or bringing home his favorite treat or planning a last minute weekend get away with all the little details taken care of. It seems to be working so far. ;)

  • Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    Hey wow! Thanks so much for the mention! And I do like that one-thing-a-day book idea, too.

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