The Mommy Files: Earth Day Activities

by stacie on April 14, 2021

Earth Day has really evolved … remember when it used to be simply about planting a tree?

Or maybe that’s Arbor Day.

It’s no secret that our natural resources are getting scarce. What’s more, with an increase in food recalls, there’s been a renewed interesting in backyard gardening, farmers’ markets, and the local food movement. Schools discuss Earth Day, and as parents, we should, too.

But where do you start? The information for children can be overwhelming, but it’s also information they should learn. Here’s a few ways that you can get your kids involved in Earth Day in a fun learning environment.

Make an Earth Day Calendar: This activity requires just a few common items you have around the house and in your backyard (cardboard, scratch paper, leaves, etc.) and, depending on the age of your child, will probably take roughly an hour or so … if your kids really get into it, it could span a whole morning.

Design a Compost Bucket: Next week I’m going to talk about starting a garden with your children … and composting is all part of the fun! You don’t need fancy equipment to compost, though local garden centers would love you to think so. This simple compost bucket is made from a tin can and some craft wire. How much easier could it get?

Make a Milk Carton Bird House: Birds don’t care what they eat out of, and they love to be fed. Birds are fun to watch, too … as are the squirrels that come to raid the bird houses. Construct this bird house with your children and they’ll have free entertainment all spring and summer long. As for those squirrels, an easy way to deter them is to hang the bird house on a piece of clothes line and then string the clothes line with CDs (you could pick these up at Goodwill for pennies), placing them each about 8″ apart.

Looking for things you can do every day to reduce your footprint? Check out sites like Recyclebank (which allows you to pledge to do things and gives you high-value coupons in exchange for your pledge or the ability to donate your points to non-profits), (THE site for all things Earth Day), or Green Living at (which has an entire section devoted to everything from activities around the world to crafts and facts).

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm April 14, 2021 at 5:08 am

I adore Earth Day - it’s like my favorite holiday! Unfortunately, this year I have to miss the festival - I have another commitment I couldn’t miss :-( April 14, 2021 at 8:02 am

Great post! Will definitely be trying the compost pile and compost pail. Until recently, I, too, was under the beneath that we would need to buy fancy equipment for the garden that we are starting this spring! (I’ve been blogging about our garden on We better get started with our garden and with our composting!

JDaniel4's Mom April 14, 2021 at 3:11 pm

What great ideas! I love to reuse items to create new ones.

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