The Mommy Files: Spring Clean Fast!

by stacie on March 6, 2021

Here’s the deal. Even though I’m staring at snow and bitter cold temperatures, I saw the forecast for tomorrow and it’s supposed to be close to 50! For early-March in Maine, that’s nearly unheard of.

I have every intention of opening the windows and getting some cleaning done. But the task of cleaning can be tedious, so I’m always looking for ways to either a) make it more enjoyable or b) make it go by more quickly.

I also plan to make a list of the projects I want to get done this spring and summer, which includes ripping up carpets, recreating a “man room/play room,” and finishing painting. If you are also thinking about such things, here’s a few places to get you started.

Projects always look easier when they’re done on television, don’t they? But TrueValue, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the DIY Network are all excellent places to start…especially if you need step-by-step instructions or video tutorials before you tackle a bigger project.

As for my task of “spring cleaning,” the Organized Home has 5 Ways to Welcome Warm Weather and only two tips involve actual cleaning…that’s my kind of guide. They also argue against spring cleaning, which makes me love them even more.

And this guide lists ways to clean your house in 15-minute increments. Even I can tolerate cleaning for 15 minutes at a time!

photo credit: greenerietree

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    My goal right now is to get all the seeds I bought last weekend started! It’s hard though since my kids have been sick.

  • JDaniel4′s Mom

    My house is going to get painted this spring with a paint that is easy to get marker off of.

  • Sonia’s Goodie Bags

    I have a goal, or really a present, that by Mother’s Day our bedroom will have a complete makeover. New paint, bed, and window coverings! This is the first year I’ve plotted out my Mother’s Day gift….I hope it works!

  • busy kids=happy mom

    BRILLIANT! I’ve been working on the master bedroom - sprucing it up with some green and cleaning stuff out! The donation truck came right to our house yesterday and left with a big load! Win! Win!

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