The Mommy Files: Starting a Kid-Friendly Garden

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Last week I talked about Earth Day activities that you could do with the kids … and I promised that this week we’d explore ways to start a garden with your kids.

And it doesn’t have to be huge, mind you. Incidentally, we’re putting in our first “real garden,” as my husband calls it, and it’s definitely a project!

This project involves growing new plants from carrot and pineapple tops. You can put these in the garden or grow them in containers … either way, your child can learn about reducing waste, how plants can reproduce themselves, and how to start a garden with the simplest of items.

Maybe it’s because I love avocados, but this is my absolute favorite of all. I want an avocado plant!! My neighbors did this one, but a raccoon ended up eating their plant, so be aware that such a thing can happen.

Want to start with seeds? Check out these tips on starting a container garden with just a few packets from your local store … and then, of course, you’ll want to make your own compost.

There’s lots that can be done with just a small stable of materials.

Have you grown your own garden? What was the most enjoyable part? Did your children participate?

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  • Missy | Literal Mom

    Oh my goodness - I want an avocado plant too! And I’m thinking about doing this, but am worried it’s getting too late in the season!


    Thanks for the post! My daughters and I plan to have a garden this spring, and have already planted some peas. But I’d love to try the carrot top and avocado plant activity with them! Cool.

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