The Mommy Files: Storing Off-Season Clothing

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In Maine, we’ve been doing this little weather dance … it will be really warm for a few days, so I’ll dig through the summer clothes to find something to wear.

Then it gets cold, so I have to dig back through my sweaters so I don’t freeze to death.

Needless to say, it’s made me realize that I need a more functional way to store my off-season clothes so I’m not constantly digging through clothes baskets at the back of the closet. Not that such a thing doesn’t work … but it’s not exactly practical. Especially when you don’t have much closet space to begin with.

And where better to find inspiration for an off-season clothing storage plan than the grand ole’ Internet? Here’s what I found … maybe these will help you, too!

Apartment Therapy showed off this adorable nursery, located in a Brooklyn apartment. With a massive <insert snark here> 84 square feet to work with, this couple used IKEA shoe bins and a liquid chalk pen to create an easy storage space in their daughter’s tiny room.

The shoe bins were inexpensive, flexible, and small in profile … which was perfect. The liquid chalk pen means they can write what’s stored without opening the fabric covering over the bins (and change the label whenever they want). It’s sheer genius. showed off this suitcase side table that could easily double as an off-season clothes storage space, and A Beautiful Mess came up with these fabric-covered vintage suitcases that are a cinch to make yourself (I’ve done a few with scrapbooking paper and they are AWESOME!! and fun to make. Really, I promise.)

Though you can’t see what’s in them before you open them, you could tape a small Post-It note or use an awesome chalk-board label (like these from the Martha Stewart at Staples online) on the back of the suitcase with a general list of what’s inside. No one would see it from the front, but you’d still be totally in the know.

These giant storage bags are funky, yet totally functional. Tie a tag on the handle so you know what’s inside, zip them up, and let them sit out and look pretty. And they’re not expensive. Bonus!

photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

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  • busy kids=happy mom

    Not pretty - but we use big plastic bins in the tops of my kid’s closets. One for outgrown clothes (donate or consign), one for clothes for next season (that I’ve picked up along the way). In their dresser they have the clothes they’re currently wearing. Works for us!

  • JDaniel4′s Mom

    We use plastic bins too. The suitcases are so much cuter!