Transform, Even Little Things

by kate on January 27, 2021

OK, time for a mental health break. A good friend once tried to convince me that the bad things that happen in life are just information. Information. Simple really. Something to allow you to think on and then decide which way to go.

Where I get all tight and anxious, she sees the opportunity to learn. I try to remember that when I’m stuck, when I’m scared, when I’m in need of some inspiration…all the world is information. But do you do something with that information? That’s the rub.

Sometimes growth and change can be so unknown, so scary, so insurmountable that we stay put. We stay where we are. We bury our heads against the new information and yell out, NO! The world IS flat! I can see with my own two eyes, feel it with my feet. The world is flat!

The idea that the evils we know are better than the evils we don’t know stagnate and terrify us (I can’t help but think of Donald Rumsfeld’s known unknowns, unknown knowns, unknown unknowns…boggles the mind!).

Coincidentally, I was looking up Oprah’s Master Class - talk about information! - and there, staring back at me was her quote: “There is something to be learned from every experience.”

Same thing, but different.

You might think that I’d launch into some existential crisis I’m having right now. But guess what? I’m not having one. I’m actually pretty happy, humming along doing my work, both mommy and professional. It’s weird to be consumed with the idea of learning experiences when I’m not being tormented by one, you know?

And that’s my whisper. I think this is in front of me because even small things can be transformed and transformative.

All I know is this: the more I learn, the less I know, but the hungrier I am to find out more information.

photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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