Trendspotting: Chalkboard Paint

by Amy on May 9, 2021

Even though our kids’ classrooms are all tricked out with SMARTboards, computers and technology that didn’t even exist back when we were in school, there’s just something about a chalkboard that takes us back to school instead of the local sidewalk cafe.

There’s just something sweet about a wall awash a in gritty black finish, with dusty white handwriting covering it to convey information. That’s why the author of this post in particular covered her home office wall in the stuff and wrote the first chapter of Judy Blume’s “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” from ceiling to floor — it was the book that made her want to be a writer when she grew up, so what better point of inspiration than that to cover the wall in behind the very laptop on which these words are being typed?

Chalkboard paint is perfectly at home in the kitchen, as well — quite well-suited for keeping the week’s grocery list, jotting down recipe reminders and leaving messages of love and inside jokes to make family members smile as they pass through to grab something from the fridge.

Its application is simple (often not needing primer), and its effect is warm and inviting.

For those not willing to commit to an entire wall, there are, of course, lower-commitment alternatives like removable vinyl decals and small DIY projects like spice racks and herb gardens.

A smidge of nostalgia goes a long way, and as long as we’re not getting our names written on said chalkboard for misbehaving, it’s absolutely fine by us.


Photo credits: Houzz, author’s archive, Apartment 34 and Bright Nest

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  • Jess

    I love the chalkboard painted office! It makes me want to get down to business. I just wanted to share the recipe with everyone. It’s on one of your sources’ blog -

    It looks easy to make!

  • Missy | Literal Mom

    I totally love chalkboard paint. And I love these ideas you’ve shared. Thanks!

  • Momhomeguide

    I hoping to create a basement playroom for my kids, and would love to paint a wall in chalkboard paint to make the space fun for them.

  • Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom

    I’ll be the first to say I don’t like it. After being a classroom teacher in the “olden days” with real chalkboards, I think they’re a mess! If you decide to make the jump, look for dust free chalk. That may be your only saving grace.

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