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Just yesterday, a good friend of mine went to India to visit her parents. So sweet! She took along her whole family, because of course she did - it’s a visit to the grandparents! On a 20 hour ordeal, though. Their first flight was 15 hours alone! Not to mention multiple connections and then a drive. With 3 kids! Urgh.

And also, if you’re not gasping yet, lemme throw the kicker out at ya. She doesn’t watch TV. So, that means the children don’t watch TV. They don’t have an iPad with apps, they don’t have computer games, they don’t even have headphones to plug into the airplane’s TV. I’m in awe of her spirit.

Unfortunately, she left before I could give her this neat Changi Travel Wallet from Tribe Bags. It’d be perfect for her. It’s the size of a folded up changing pad - slim and a little bigger than a wallet. Yet, don’t judge it’s effectiveness by size because this lil’ wallet could quickly become indispensable.

How many times have you said, ‘I’ll just stick these in a safe place’ only to never locate said ‘safe place’ again?!? I say it so much my younger daughter now puts her lovies in safe places - under her crib, under the book shelf, under the dirty clothes. It’d be comical if only it weren’t such a bright flashlight into my own obsessive behavior.

But back to the wallet. Imagine, a clutch purse only with as much function as style. I swear I’d wear this out at night dressed up. In fact, I think I will…forget waiting till I travel again this summer.

The purse/wallet has 4 compartments all labeled; such a nice touch for those of us who get off on labels. It just makes me feel organized, seeing labels. Old school, I know.

It’s like having a mini-file folder in your purse that holds passports, ticket stubs, receipts and other things. Great for business travel when you’ve got all those little slips of paper you’ll need to be reimbursed with when you return.

Plus, it has a spot for currencies, which isn’t a huge thing if you’re traveling around the United States, but believe me, it is immensely useful when it comes to the Euro or the British Pound.

Those are so much bigger than US dollars and, while it’s possible to stuff Euro in your dollar pocket in your regular wallet, they get all smushed and smashed. No way to treat money. Plus so unsightly. Like pulling out a dirty Kleenex wadded up bill.

One last note about all those pockets and zippered spots - these are exceedingly great for little hands that need to be busied. Of course, you’ll have to deal with papers, etc., flying around, but one thing small children love to do is sort, and this travel wallet delivers. Just an aside from one mom to another.

One reason I think the travel wallet is a good idea, aside from staying organized, is that it is so much more functional than a passport holder. Sure, those look good, but then what to do with everything else you invariably have to hold on to?

Also, and this is why I actually think I’d use this travel wallet a lot - there is a labeled pocket for boarding passes. That would allow me to not have to continually pat my back pocket or search my purse, asking my husband where oh where did I put our boarding passes?!? Think of the tension THAT ALONE would ease.

This musta been designed by an OCD woman! Love it.

So, if you’re off on a journey and excited to get you organized before you go - then check out Tribe Bags. You won’t be sorry!

Also, a big thanks to Tribe Bags for sending this my way - the next time I pack my bags, I’ll be giving you air kisses. And here I thought you were simply a bag company!

photo credit: Tribe Bags

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