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Aside from the fact that the name of these chips is awesome (!), they taste good, can be used as crackers, too, and are indeed healthy. Food Should Taste Good. I mean, what else do you need to know?

For one, they have sweet potato, salt and vinegar, olive, white cheddar, blue corn, lime, cantina…the list goes on.

I bought some recently at our local Whole Foods entirely based on the packaging. I know. That’s a ridiculous way to buy food. But, hey, I’m a visual person and the bag o’chips leapt out at me. What can I say? It’s how I buy wine, too. Sometimes. But, shhh don’t tell my husband. He thinks I’m a wine connoisseur ;)

Good thing these chips actually do taste scrumptious. My daughters think so, too. Plus, I have no quams feeding them these chip/crackers.

So there’s that.

I’m pretty sure you can find them just about anywhere like Costco, A&P, Kroger…or, if you can’t find them at the grocery, Starbucks carries them. You know, the one on the corner?

Also, living up to the ‘you Californian’s have weird snacks’ reputation…some other of my favorite healthy snacks are:

1. Somersaults - A sunflower seed concoction that will knock your socks off, especially the salt and pepper ones.
2. Crunchies Freeze Dried Edamame - It’s just about the perfect snack considering the protein/fiber combo.
3. Kale Chips - Tastes like popcorn, only greener. But in a good way.
4. Full Bloom Kuko Bites
5. Two Degrees snack bars - Mostly because they donate a meal to a hungry child around the globe with every snack bar purchased.

photo courtesy of Food Should Taste Good

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  • Penny W.

    Wow, you guys eat weird snacks! :)

    But now I’m hungry for something salty and crunchy, so, good job!

  • Missy | Literal Mom

    I saw these in Whole Foods. Now I’m totally going to try them!