Wittlebee: Making Getting Dressed Easier

by kate on May 7, 2021

Have you heard of Wittlebee? It’s really cool. Essentially, it’s autopilot for getting your kids dressed.

Basically, think of the worst shopping experience you have with your kids - which, incidentally for me, is most times when I shop with my girls. They are 2 and 4 and love to play hide and seek under the clothes racks. They think it’s especially hysterical to have me ‘chase’ them through the store, using my whisper yell for them to ‘come here!’

Now, cast that vision aside and NEVER have to endure it again. Oh, hell yeah!

OK, back to the beginning. What is Wittlebee? It’s a shopping service where you receive a customized box of children’s basics each month for $40. Stylists have chosen adorable clothes that are still wearable for girls and boys. Wittlebee specializes in infants to 5 years old (too bad they don’t specialize in the 40 year old mom category, too!) but I hear they are thinking about expanding their stock up to 12 years of age. The clothes are logo free which, for some people isn’t a big sell but for others, it’s a huge selling point.

I hate logos. I hate them for myself but I detest them for my daughters. It smacks of big corporation manipulation to me. How did one mom put it, the Princess Industrial Complex? So true. I don’t want my child to be the next walking billboard for Ariel, Thomas or Yo Gaba Gaba either. Those characters get enough screen time.

Yes, this makes me a fuddy-duddy. And I’ll freely admit that having a Cinderella t-shirt might just make getting dressed in the morning a little less fraught. But still. A well placed tutu and pink tights more than makes up for it in our house.

Wittlebee’s website couldn’t be easier to use. You sign up, tell them what colors you like and if your child is a “diva” (yes!) and if their dressing style is “total chaos” (also, yes!). Those were just my answers. You can choose between preppy, happy, troublemaker, whatever is clean - they just need to know how to properly customize.

At first, I thought that $40 a month was a lot for clothes and it is. Here’s how I rationalize it: no driving, no parking hassles, no in-store dramas, no decision making about what is and is not appropriate for wearing. See, my daughter is an expert fashion lawyer trapped in a 4 year old’s body, so the ‘discussions’ we have exhaust me.

I have 2 girls, like I said they are 2 and 4, so I’m not certain I can swing $80 for a box for both. I’ll have to think on how to navigate that one. But let me tell you, I’m tempted. Just for the lack of drama alone I’d fork over $80 a month.

Of course, my older daughter might have come up with a solution. See her up there at the top of the post squeezing herself into the 3T clothes? I got a size bigger than my 2 year old needs and, as luck and determination would have it, the clothes fit both girls. Almost.

I know, I could shop without my two baby rascals, but honestly, who has time? There is only so much I can pack into the few hours I have to myself while they are at school. Shopping is not where I want to spend my time. I’d love to defer to experts. Maybe that makes me weird, but I suspect I’m not alone.

So, Mama’s (and Papa’s who reaaaalllly want to impress the Mama’s in the family with a recurring monthly ‘let me make your job easier’ present…Mother’s Day IS right around the corner ya know) get on over to Wittlebee and check it out.

Put it this way, you’ll be shopping anyway - your kids will grow! - why not make it easy on yourself. I just signed up for a monthly box even though the folks at Wittlebee sent me a box to review. It worked. Like crack. In case you need a little generous incentive yourself, those lovely souls at Wittlebee would like to offer you a discount. Until June 1st, get $10 off your first order with this coupon code: MHMB.

So let your fingers do the shopping!

photo credit: Modern Home Modern Baby and Whittlebee

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  • Pinchus Rose

    i like choice. do i want tp give up my privalage of choice for a bit of shopping?
    In all honesty, i shop three times a year- winter, summer and spring/fall. i dont need new clothes every thirty days. do you?

  • kate

    @Pinchus. Well, *need* is indeed a strong word. Do I need clothes every 30 days? No, not really. Now that you bring it up, possibly a quarterly system would work well, or a seasonal one. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if they offered that?!?

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