Your Kid Can Star in Their Very Own Fairy Tale

by Kate on December 15, 2020

OMG. Fairies! When did fairies take over my children? Fairies are like crack. You get one taste and you gotta have more, more, more. Not that I know beans about crack, it’s just that, well, you know.

Both my girls are wild about fairies, especially the older one. Oh, how I did her wrong!

See, my friends over at I See Me thought my girls would like a fairy tale made just about them. And I did a bad thing. I over-thought it.

I thought that I could get one book, for the younger daughter, and let her feel like the princess for a change. She’d be the ‘chosen one.’ And my older daughter would see that her sister was, in fact, pretty damn cool because she had a fairy tale written about her!

Ok. Ok. Ok. I, myself, am the younger of 2 sisters. It’s possible that I was thinking of my childhood. My sister. Possible. Oh alright. Yes.

So I got the ONE book about the YOUNGER daughter. It’s incredible. It’s adorable. We all love it. All the fairies get together and ‘elect’ or nominate one among them to be princess. They ‘reveal’ who the lucky fairy is by spelling out her name. As in the “Lingonberry Fairy” talks about her “Lively” friend (whose name happens to start with an “L”). And so on until the name is all spelled, first and last.

Then they make a throne and celebrate how great they think the princess is.

So, yay to that!

Needless to say, we read the book ALL THE TIME. And, I will say that my older daughter has taken to saying that her sister is sweet and cute. That’s new and I love to hear it. Only she figured out the construct and last night asked if I’d get her a book made for her.

Damn their little brains!

I See Me has a variety of books that can be personalized to your child’s name, ranging from My Very Own Fairytale for girls (which we got) to My Very Own Pirate Tale, for boys. The books cost $29.95 each, which is a bit more expensive than you might pay for a regular book, but the personalization is well worth it. Thanks to I See Me for providing a review copy!

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  • Ruby T.

    Sounds like it was a hit in your house, so it was obviously worth the price! I think many girls would love this, and hopefully the pirate book is equally exciting for boys.

  • Kate

    Funny, after my mom saw this, she ordered a book for all of my nieces and nephews. So, it’s official - I See Me is in da haus!

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    I LOVE personalized books. They truly are keepsakes and so fun for the kids.


  • Jenny L

    As old school as ever, Id think twice before turning my child into a fairy in her own imagination. like, wont she be obsessed? I love personalized books, but fairies are taking it far.

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