Your Spouse or Your Pet

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Unconditional love.  Forgiving.  Makes you smile.  Warms your heart.  If this describes your relationship with your pet more than with your spouse, you’re not alone.  According to Psych Central, many people have the kind of fulfilling relationship one would expect with one’s spouse with their pet.

And, it’s no wonder. When we come home from a long day, how do we treat Fido? We holler out “here, boy!” in a sweet singsong voice, scratch behind his ears and shower him with kisses, asking how his day was and telling him how much you missed him.

Now, what does good ole hubby get? Maybe a hello. Maybe, if he’s lucky, a hug or simply a peck on the cheek. More than likely he gets a litany of complaints about your day or worse yet, a cold shoulder until you unwind enough to be civil. Well, I could be exaggerating, but think about it - do you hold your spouse to a different standard of love than your pet?

The old adage, “you get what you give” comes to mind. If you’re having some trouble with your relationship (or even if you just wish for a little more “get” to your “give”) then here’s some food for thought:

I bet (and the Psych Central article asserts) that if you shower your spouse with some of the same affection (OK, maybe not scratching behind his ears and using that funny, baby talk voice) that you give to your pet, you’ll see a marked difference in how your spouse in turn treats you.

“Yeah, but my dog gives me unconditional love and he’s a dog, so I don’t expect him to take out the trash”, you say. Well, you actually DO have expectations of your dog (not peeing on the carpet, giving you kisses instead of biting you) and when he messes up, you are sure to give him some slack because, well, he’s a dog.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying…it’s fun to think about. A little role reversal if you will. Try saying the equivalent of “good boy” to your mate (like saying thanks) as many times as you positively reinforce your pet’s good behavior and see if you notice a change in your marriage.

Of course, if you hate your mate’s cat, then maybe it’s best not to try to treat her the way you want to treat the cat…that might not work out so well for you.

What do you think - do you treat your pet and your spouse differently and if so, who gets the love?

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  • Villy K

    I would say it`s a different love. I can`t really get mad at my pet, the pet can`t hurt you or leave you in important moment. But on an another hand your mate is the one that you count on and you receive and give! I cannot compare, I love bot my cat and my boyfriend in a different way!

  • busy kids=happy mom

    I see this all the time - the dog wags his tail - he gets the friendly pat and “hey boy”. The spouse gets a “hey”— maybe that’s why we don’t have a pet!